Communication & Partnership

The methodology of feelings

It is known that people take irrational and sometimes insensible decisions. Just think about the stock- and the real estate market. What may be a surprise is that there seem to be a methodology and predictability behind the mistakes we make, when acting and making decisions.

Negotiations are loaded with feelings and demands a lot from the negotiator to communicate clearly. A good negotiator is a good communicator with a strong awareness of self and the counterpart.

Your success at the negotiation table is strongly connected to your ability to listen effectively, ask the right questions and present ideas convincingly.

In control – or are you being controlled?

If you want to have more influence or to cooperate effectively in your negotiations you need to manage your counterpart’s reasonable objections, doubts and lack of ability to see possibilities. In the programme you will gain access to the latest within psychology and persuasive techniques that will strengthen your power to influence and convince decision-makers.

Enter into the world of emotions and discover the limitations and unique possibilities, the human mind entails. We offer a clear strategy to generate positive feelings as well as managing negative ones, based on new research within the area and experience from negotiations in a number of large Danish companies.

The output: Your benefits from the program

Target Group

The Program will be tailored to fit the specifics and challenges of your company. The target group share an interest in improving negotiations that might otherwise be characterised by negative feelings and a hostile environments – from both sides of the table.

The target group share an interest in strengthening the ability to communicate clearly, present a line of reasoning and influence decision-makers and form binding agreements.

The key questions:

  • How do we appear convincing and ensure our message is received?
  • What persuasive techniques hold the greatest effects?
  • How can we use our questions to control the conversation and receive information?
  • How do we listen for ‘what is not being said’?
  • What are my personal triggers and what makes me react?
  • How can we decode the non-verbal signals and detect a lie?
  • What techniques create a sense of comfort and will get your counterpart to listen?
  • How do we decline without damaging the relation?

The company's output

The program will provide the participant with the crucial advantage in the interaction with others and will ensure that already during preparation we are one step ahead. The participation will obtain an increased understanding of the central dynamics that are in play when people make decisions. Hereby also the specific techniques that will help influence and convince decision-makers, in order for you to reach your target.

The program will ensure a clear strategy for generating positive emotions and handle negative ones. The negotiation climate becomes more constructive and negotiations more effective.

One step ahead:

  • Understand what motivates you and other people to enter into a cooperation.
  • Generate positive emotions and handle negative ones – both your own and the counterpart.
  • Gain more personal power and effective techniques to influence and convince decision-makers.
  • Understand why a conflict arises and what provokes you.
  • Be better at cooperating and obtain stronger relations.

The structure of the proces

Our programs within Communication & Partnership are built on the experience we have acquired working with and helping professionals and companies form partnerships and strong relations when they negotiate, service clients, sell products and lead employees.

Pre-analysis  →  Main program  →  Individual Coaching  →


Follow-up program  →  Individual Coaching  →  Reporting





It helped me a lot to fine tune my skills. It was very important to get valuable feedback of a professional coach and the whole team. It’s quite obvious from now on what and how to do.

Gunnar Hepp

Group Asset Management & Engineering Director, Carlsberg A/S

I got new experiences without leaving my personal confidence to improve interaction. Claus managed to establish a relaxed atmosphere where people trusted each other. Good job!

John Massey

Group Senior Manager Distribution, Carlsberg A/S

This training is extremely powerful as it offers a perfect balance between individual practice, theory and techniques. You get real involvement and motivation through continuous helpful and constructive dialog and feedback with the overall group.

Pierre Monsonego

E2E Process Manager, Carlsberg IT A/S