Strategic Negotiation

How much does expertise cost?

Lacking expertise at the negotiation table can quickly become an expensive matter! Our research show that even professional negotiators often lose perspective of the economical results when they leave a negotiation.

We ensure that the competences are in place, that the preparation follows a defined structure and that a full overview is maintained throughout the negotiation. The process of negotiation is a dynamic one and to secure the best result we must define our position – strong or weak – through the entire negotiation.

Create value through negotiations

In Negotiation Excellence the focus is on cooperation and creating value based on the different prerequisites often found on the different sides of the table. To find the full potential in a negotiation, it demands for cooperation and an added focus on the whole value chain.

Parthership as strategy requires a great deal from the negotiator including analysis, strategy, negotiation techniques, communication and psychology – all central elements when trying to obtain the best results and a strong position.

The output: how do you benefit?

Let us be clear: Negotiation Excellence is about creating better bottom line results.

This means profitable contracts, a structured approach, and focus on added value.

Your outcome

  • Focus on the whole chain of value in negotiations.
  • To identify the full potential in the negotiation through analysis and preparation.
  • Access to specific negotiation strategies that build on respectively creating value and unilateral negotiation on price
  • Concrete feedback on negotiation behaviour and the ability to create the negotiation environment, your strategy is build on
  • Techniques that will increase your awareness on what questions we ask, are being asked and how they are presented.
  • Physical tools, that will aid you in preparing fast and effectively, identify essential information and complete negotiations with the strongest result.
  • Ensure your negotiations are based on knowledge and not assumptions.

Company's outcome

  • Competences that will ensure a better economical result
  • An increased commercial awareness
  • Stronger relations and trust in negotiations
  • Reduced costs
  • Make value and savings visible
  • Improved negotiation environment
  • More qualified reporting
  • Identify what is important to your clients and suppliers
  • Possibility of creating a shared negotiation lingo, a shared structure for preparation as well as a strong negotiation culture.

Process towards Negotiation Excellence


Knowledge, Interviews & Insight

Negotiation Excellence

Training & Development


Implementation & Anchoring


Reporting & GAP-Analysis









As an integrate part of our business, we always conduct a pre-analysis. The pre-analysis is carried out through individual interviews with key persons. We also determine an objective with the project manager. Additionally, we gain access to current and relevant contracts or prepared agreements, through which we can define and analyse which variables have been employed.

The objective with the pre-analysis is securing a strong match between theory, training and the reality in which the participants operate.

We focus on developing tools with reference to well established theory and research, that can be adopted the very next day. For that reason our material and cases are developed with regards to the specific negotiation situations and the complexity of negotiations your business is experiencing.

During the program, we use the medium of videorecorder which is the basis of the feedback given. Feedback is delivered plenary to strengthen the mutual terminology and understanding. Training, applying tools and theory as well as feedback represents 70 per cent of the program. It is our experience that this model creates the best results.

The follow-up is a crucial part of the training to ensure the best outcome. We purposely challenge the habits and attitudes of the participants.  Derfor arbejder vi målrettet på at udfordre deltagernes vaner og attituder. This is the main focus in the following modules where the participants share their experiences, pose relevant and critical questions and receive feed-back from the rest of the group and the consultant.

These modules will be supplementet with additional theory on behavioural types, communication profiles, choosing media of communication and much more.

To furthermore ensure a strong result we offer to conduct a survey in order to decode the participants’ ability to use and implement the tools.

In our dialogue with the project manager, we align the results and original objective as well as present our findings and suggestions for the future that can support maintenance and development of the mutual negotiation terminology.


Christian Bryde-Nielsen

Christian Bryde-Nielsen

Founder and CEO, Advisory Expert in Negotiation & Partnership

Christian is a very competent negotiator himself and communicates the importance of ‘no stone unturned’ to enable you to reach the best possible result in a negotiation. I like him as a trainer. Very engaging.

Sales manager, DIY retailer